23 Aug 2018

Practical Negotiation Tips to Deal with Reluctant Parents Before Coming to China

How to Deal with Reluctant Parents?

You have decided to move to China? Congratulation! But before you begin your journey in China, you still have to share the news with your parents. It might be a difficult task for some of you but don’t worry!We have come up with this list oftips that will help you deal with them!

Don’t wait to share the news

When you have finished setting up your plan, don’t wait to tell your parents.They might have strong reactions at the beginning but will have even stronger ones if you wait until the last minute! Knowing you’ll be far away is very stressful for them, much more if you don’t give them some time to assimilate the information. They will feel left out,as they weren’t the first ones to know and won’t support your decision. So, try as soon as possible to find an appropriate moment to let them know about your project.

Answer Their Questions

Moving to China is a big decisionthat you have carefully thought. However, your parents are not in your mind and might not understand your decision. Therefore, they will naturally have tons of questions as they fear for your safety and don’t know much about China.By answering their questions, you willease their worries and reassure them. If you want to convince themto let you live abroad, you should prepare some good arguments. Also, patience is required for this difficult task!

Avoid Discussing the Country’s Statistics Until They Bring it Up

Your parents have surely heardsome negative things about China throughthe media or other people. If you begin to talk about the pollution level or the number of murders in China, they will surely be more reluctant to let you go. They tend to worry about your environment, which is normal as a parent, so you should keep a positive conversation. Focus the discussion on you and on what you want, it will help them understand your point of view. You should soothe them by telling you are aware of the dangers,but you will be careful. You can also invite your parents to visit China, which is a good way to let them seethe positive aspects of this country.

Wait to Ask for Help or Money

Going and living in China requiressome money.You will face immediate refusal if you drop the news of moving away and needing financial support at the same time. So,to avoid this circumstance, you must discuss with your parents the sooner you can, as previously said, and give them the necessary amount of information. Then, wait untilthey beginto sort out their feelingsand share your desire for them to participate financially in your project.Don’t forget to explain how you will use their financial assistance!

Tell Them You Want to Gain Life Experience

To gain life experience, you have to move from your comfort zone. Living in China is likely going to help you, as you will face different kinds of situations.So, tell your parents your desire toexperience new things, change your environment, increase your knowledge,and why it would not have the same meaning if you stay here. They might be more understanding, as they know your reasoning.

Set Up a Communication Plan

China is renowned to have blocked many websites and social media such asGoogle, Facebook orWhatsApp.It may seem difficult to communicate but it is not thanks to VPNs or social media like WeChat! Your parents will worry about you but your duty is to reassure them by explaining the existence of these new technologies. You will have to help them using it. You should also plan a schedule to give themupdates regularly, especially at the beginning, as they will easily freak out if they don’t hear from you.

Let them know about English-Teachers-China

In the years 2006-2007, one of our activities was to provide internships in China for business school students (from Canada, France and some other European countries). We found that parents and families were relieved to know that their children were not going to be alone, delivered to themselves during their 6-months internship in China.

Very often, families came to visit China during the student internship. The parents always wanted to meet us (probably to verify who we were) and brought us gifts. We had a student, Camille. She was from Martinique (French West Indies), and it allowed us to taste a lot of old rum!!!!). Some of these parents have stayed in touch with with us, more than 10 years later; some of the students we had placed in internships are still in China and now have managerial positions in the industry and services. Another one, Pierre-Arnaud, is now working in Kuwait. We regularly organize Skype chats with him and his wife (and their new born baby-girl), although more than 10 years have passed.

Our website is still online but we no longer provide this internship service for reasons of visa. All the pictures on the website are pictures of us with our students, there is no picture from any picture bank. Your parents may have a look on pictures, statistics and satisfaction survey. It was more than 12 years ago. It shows our attitude and our conception of service. We have provided professional quality service in a relaxed, family atmosphere. Since then, we have gained many years of experience in recruitment and we have a very experienced team.

Let them know about our team and about Acropolis Group’ business units

Stand Your Ground

Even after using these tips, your parents are not convinced? They think your project is completely doomed and you better stay in your current situation? They even try to reason you and tell you to forget this silly dream? Don’t listen to them because they are likely going to remain in their position. It is normal they have their own opinions but they shouldn’t judge your decision. You thought about it for a long time and believe it is the right opportunity made for you.It is your life and you should be patient with them but let them know that even if they don’t support you, you will go.

Moving to China in order to teach English is a really beautiful, yet difficult project. However, if you know what you want to to do, then don’t hesitate to jump on this opportunity!Sharing the plan with your parents is a big step ahead for your project and we hope these tips will help you! Good luck on the process!