Our services for English teachers

Our first task is to provide a job for English teachers.

  • In most cases, depending on the city in China where an English teacher will be employed, employers hire specialized agencies to help them obtain visas and work permits.
  • We will welcome English teachers at Shanghai airport.
  • We will organize an initial meeting to inform teachers on the culture and customs in China, to meet our team and to assist them in day-to-day practical details.
  • These services are TOTALLY free for English teachers: schools and organizations hiring candidates cover our fees.

We can help English teachers build the second stage of their professional project in China
For some, teaching is just a first step for an exciting professional and personal experience in China. As we specialise in human resources and education, we offer expert advice (e.g. importance of learning Chinese languages/dialects, employment of foreigners in China, entrepreneurial project, etc.).